Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Miley Cyrus Does Demonic Disney Drugs!!!

Her mini mouse will not be contained.

 Cyrus knows the game and plays all the cards. Her new video is full on illuminati, or shall we say, ill-luna-naughty?! She hits all the MK ULTRA brainwashing notes in her ode to drugs sex and demonic party raging.

The video opens with the Mark of the Beats beast logo, and Satan chanting "It's our party, we can do what we want". So there is no mistake about the obvious satanic branding displayed.

 Observe for yourself. With commentary to follow.

With the hook, "Lah dah dee daddy - We like to party" The song plays to the Little Girl / Daddy complex and shows Miley in a split personality alter ego, sexualizing a doll of herself.

And then there are the oversized pedobear backpacks, fetishizing the dancers scale to little wonderland proportions.

Hall of mirrors multiple personality schizophrenia imagery. Sheepish viewer animals looking blindly into the game.

Of course I've only scratched the surface. There is a whole scene of girls diving for sausages, busted out of a beer bottle pinata, and lots of subliminal oral sex innuendo. Miley ever ready with her tongue shots.

Leave a comment or link saying what YOU see!

Am I crazy? Or is Miley rubbing her all seeing eye, between two towers, as an alter lays dead below her?


Anonymous said...

Miley's Necklace is 666 in perfect Hebrew and appears as: ٦٦٦

Mira said...

This is just fucking stupid