Saturday, February 5, 2011

Charlie Sheen as Cokey Sheen! Vatican Assassin warlock!!!!

Charlie Sheen has lines on his mind. The top paid TV actor is now super hero COKEY SHEEN!  More powerful then Rambo! Higher then F**K, and able to sniff millions of dollars off the top. Charlie "Cokey" Sheen is a real man. Well.. not really. I think coke sniffin is a stupid drug for loosers, who can't handle good beer and fine smoking. LINK TO IT!
Bwahahaha. Funny junk? I don't know if I get more page views, but I should look into that. LISTEN to Charlie Sheen exercise his ego on the Alex Jones show 2-24-11 
He is an F-18 Vatican Assassin WARLOCK!!

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