Thursday, January 20, 2011

Justin Beiber and Ray William Johnson, best posts yet.

Ray William Johnson looking like an awesome zombie, and Justin Beiber eating a dog, have turned out to be the best posts of this blog in the year 2010!

Admittedly, this blog is the stupidest thing you've ever laid eyes on. But it's an easy thoughtless pass-time. And when you feel slap happy, you can always come here to crack up at these completely retarded pictures and statements. All original works of pop art mind you.

While I have hope that Nigahiga getting attacked by a crazy chicken will be a real hit, I can not rest! Trend Zombie has not been doing well enough, in following the trends. Trend Zombie should have been using every search term Alex Jones promoted to take advantage of the trend.

To this end. Expect to see funny, messed up pictures of the entire twilight cast as soon as possible.

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