Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zombie New Year!!! 2010!

Zombie New Year! Wooo brains. New zombie trends for new zombie year. Blue Moon will not return in this zombies lifetime. Was partial eclipse full blue moon, too! Lady Gaga punked Obama. Hawaii shave ice. Google Nexus one vs. Apple iSlate tablet. iZombie can't wait for Chrome Avatar servers. Massive money flow owners falling into zombie grid! Brains will be so tasty with knowledge. 01-02-2010 can be read the same way in both directions. Elton John is helping Eminem do drugs. Soundgarden came back from garden of death! Did you see that drunk lady who escaped getting hit by the subway train?
Did you see the Flaming Lips 2010 Freak out!?

Burj Dubai Opens in a few days. Zombie tells you what you want to know. Only the best events rotting brains can handle.

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